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A Project Called H

(So, i haven’t posted in a while.. sorry… i meant to post this 6 months ago haha) “I just want to stick my hand in hot sauce and sweet sauce at the saame time!” ~Jince (By this time on our drive back, my brain was so fried I had no idea what the hell he … Continue reading

Design an Assistive Mobility Device…

So this quarter we are designing an “assistive mobility device,” this includes anything ranging from crutches, canes to walkers… Really interesting stuff, I’m really excited about this quarter! (It’s moving too fast though. grunt) Haiti relief is really crazy. I’ve been glimpsing at pictures on nytimes, and here and there at and it … Continue reading

what do your corporate giants do for GOOD?

So in a quest for my project… I’m looking into the bigger corporations/ their products and services they offer for philanthropic type of work. you know. good stuff. IDEO’s toolkit looks into “Human Centered Design”– looking for new solutions for today’s world problems for communities in need… “hear, create and discover” are three things they … Continue reading

I’m excited to come to work again.

So I’ve been meaning to post something for a while.. I just haven’t found anything that exciting in a while… After an hour of stumbling (at work might I add, which is not good)… I kept either coming upon donation sites,  sad stories, sappy stories, etc. etc. Then after my guilty conscious kicked in.. that … Continue reading

Fun can be good!

“fun is the easiest way to change people’s behaviour for the better.” It sometimes is hard to have the self motivation to take the stairs, or recycle things, or pick up stuff off the ground and throw it in the trashcan. The fun theory shows how something simply designed to be fun, can really change … Continue reading

100 Good.Is review: Coke

After my brother sent me a cute puppy video on youtube, all hell broke loose and I ended up finding more cute puppy videos for the next hour. Isn’t the internet great? Anywho. Good.Is has been launching their top 100 list. and I haven’t read all of them… but it’s definitely a list worth checking … Continue reading

This is where I recap

So I am gathering my thoughts. Things I need to do/ have been thinking about doing right here. go. ^the picture is a little creepy and a little cult-ish, but I stole it from Jonze’s blog himself . Oh oh oh. well first I guess I can write about my experience seeing Where the Wild … Continue reading

Toby Ng Shows the Simple World of 100

These are my favorites of the bunch. Even though they are so simple, I think that’s what I like most about it. click here for the jump:

can i get just a little bit of your hair?

Nepalese teen Invents cheap Solar Panel using human hair::Did you know that melanin, the pigment in hair, is light sensitive and can be used as a conductor? Well, that’s what an 18 year old in Nepal recently discovered, and is now using human hair to replace silicon in solar panels. Since the price of hair … Continue reading

Culha stove offers an easier safer way to cook!

In Hindi the word “chulha” means stove, but for millions of low-income people in developing countries, a stove is a pile of stones heated by an open wood- or cow-dung-burning fire in their homes. This method of cooking poses a serious health hazard: indoor air pollution resulting from the burning of biomass fuels is a … Continue reading