Fun can be good!

“fun is the easiest way to change people’s behaviour for the better.”

It sometimes is hard to have the self motivation to take the stairs, or recycle things, or pick up stuff off the ground and throw it in the trashcan. The fun theory shows how something simply designed to be fun, can really change something for good.  The results are pretty amazing!  (my favorite being the piano stairs– who doesn’t want to play on those? [and the bottle game]).. Why aren’t these everywhere?

head over to, brainstorm/ enter a contest or watch these!

Hope these make you smile!

One Response to “Fun can be good!”
  1. Ben says:

    Grumpy Ben post: This isn’t exactly sustainable, though, is it? If I had to walk up piano stairs every effin’ day, I’d kill somebody.

    Pardon my intellectual snootiness, but this is an interesting application of some **real** theoretical work on habits, the idea that an environmental change (in this case, trash cans or stairs) leads to a change in behavior. There’s an attention issue here though – once the user is habituated to it, and the novelty’s worn off in all of these cases, you’re back to square one.

    So if these things were everywhere, no one would give a crap about them.

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