A Project Called H

(So, i haven’t posted in a while.. sorry… i meant to post this 6 months ago haha)

“I just want to stick my hand in hot sauce and sweet sauce at the saame time!”

~Jince (By this time on our drive back, my brain was so fried I had no idea what the hell he was talking about)…

So Project H came to UC yesterday and OFCOURSE  jince and I took a trip down (and skipped work) from our Columbus location. An hour and a half later, (after I found my book!) Emily and Matt showed up on McMicken lawn with their nice and shiny trailer. It almost blinds you to look at it!

Yesterday totally took a lot out of me. It was inspiring to see so many people there, especially people who were waiting to get in the trailer, and people at the talk.

Things in this picture  are all things that really excite me, but I felt like it was really weird that I felt so frustrated last night! I don’t know exactly what it was(…)


Okay. So I started writing this post a week or two ago. and I forgot all my frustrations/ feelings. but I am ready to write again. Don’t mean to blabbidy blab on- but I think that it is due time for me to process some of the thoughts that have been swimming around my head for a while.

Whenever I mention the words “social design” to someone (especially designers), I kind of get the bug-eyed look like okayy “your some hippy person, that stuff I’m not really interested in to” etc. etc. Which is totally okay, I understand everyone has different interests. But even explaining that word to people, it doesn’t really feel right yet and I’m still trying to figure it out– i still get that feeling of pretentiousness saying its design for “the developing world”, (generally now I kind of stick to developing water systems, education systems, etc.). Especially with volunteering, going abroad– I have been hammered with the “oh-your-so-young-and-naive” kind of look. I think very recently, with school, new orleans project, back to co-op I actually have gotten a little overwhelmed with social design. Even seeing Emily’s tour (which really was great!), I even heard a few people mention the same thing “oh , so young and optimistic.” (Optimistic is said here in the narrow-eyed kind of way) . I think recently I started becoming kind of pessimistic myself.

I couldn’t believe I was thinking this–but it was something like, “Okay okay, I get it, it’s another product that saves a life in Africa.” Which is not to discredit the accomplishment of these things. But last week felt this incredible disconnect with the term “social design” and the omnipotent connotations it has. So what does this mean for me?  I think I need to rehash what it is I love about design…problem solving?

For now, I am feeling a little separated from the term “third-world” design- and even at work, the “first-world” design of changing colors of a client’s product in photoshop (ugh i guess it’s intern work, right?). (I’ve found what I am really sucky at/need to work at– styling and sketchinggg), But what I really love and get excited about is solving problems (please no more photoshopping)…

I can’t remember all what i was thinking back then (April 29, 2010) so I will leave this post hanging.


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