100 Good.Is review: Coke

After my brother sent me a cute puppy video on youtube, all hell broke loose and I ended up finding more cute puppy videos for the next hour. Isn’t the internet great?

Picture 19Anywho. Good.Is has been launching their top 100 list. and I haven’t read all of them… but it’s definitely a list worth checking out. www.good.is

One thing I thought was particularly interesting was “Cola Life”… I think I have blogged about this a while back (maybe in Spring) and I posted a video.. but this week Coca-Cola has been coming up a lot… I watched a TED video earlier this week (hm i guess it was last week)  and the guy rory sutherland said that coke was really one of the most democratic products out there.

“Warhol said about Coke, ‘What I really like about Coca-Cola is that the president of the United States can’t get a better Coke than a bum on the corner of the street.’ …It’s actually a remarkable achievement to make something that democratic.” http://www.ted.com/talks/rory_sutherland_life_lessons_from_an_ad_man.html

It is really quite amazing how true it is. and if you think about how “advanced” Coke’s infrastructure is to deliver their products to a lot of developing countries, how can we harness that power to deliver ‘social products’, such as oral rehydration salts, to the people who need them desperately? This could be done by incorporating an ‘aidpod‘ into Coca-Cola crates…. Picture 20I’m not exactly sure what exaactly would go in there, but still it is really interesting to produce a solution that co-exists with Coke’s delivery system.

There are other very significant benefits from moving from focussing on distributing a particular product (ORS with hygiene and sanitation educational materials). Among these are:

  1. It allows the essential local determination of what is distributed and when. Needs will vary from location to location and from season to season and what is distributed MUST be determined locally by those with the long term responsibility for public health care;
  2. It potentially allows the idea to be replicated across the World after successful local trials;
  3. It also dis-associates the Coca-Cola product/brand with a particular ’social product’ which is likely to enable a wider range of products to be distributed.

the explanation is kind of long, but if you want to see it:


  1. To engage Coca-Cola in exploring the viability and options for using their distribution networks in developing countries to distribute ‘social products’ such as oral rehydration salts (ORS) and related educational materials on health, hygiene and sanitation.
  2. To help engage an appropriate international NGO, or NGOs, to partner with Coca-Cola at a global level and local levels on this initiative.
  3. To support Coca-Cola and its partners in modelling different scenarios which combine Coca-Cola’s distribution network with local health initiatives in order to achieve our aims.

Well on the rest of the list…

Hats off to Emily Pilloton + Project H who made the list…  it’s really kind of interesting to see how much she has made an impact the past  what two or three years?

Will continue throughout the week with more Good. IS


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