I’m excited to come to work again.

So I’ve been meaning to post something for a while.. I just haven’t found anything that exciting in a while… After an hour of stumbling (at work might I add, which is not good)… I kept either coming upon donation sites,  sad stories, sappy stories, etc. etc.

Then after my guilty conscious kicked in.. that hey, I probably should be doing work.. at work.. (and since they have nothing to give me to do..) I’m going to start a personal project! Guesses as to what this is?

Well, all I can tell you now is that of course I’m going to try and tie it all to something Good. It’s so strange how tired I was this morning, and now I have this sudden rush of energy to research and find out products that do something socially good.  Even if I just leave here having a presentation on a concept, I will be completely happy.

Sources so far definitely include IDEO’s Human Centered Design Toolkit.

gah. why didn’t i start this earlier?!!


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