SBC – last days to apply for Winter trip! SBC really has changed a part of who I am. I just filled out the application for a winter trip this year, because hopefully I can really go this time. Here was one of the questions– Please describe an experience you have had that has significantly impacted everyday. “Not until SBC could I really answer … Continue reading

Playing for Peace+Change : Music + Good! so i realize it is kind of like a euphoric, hippy message. But it is kind of cool to see how the internet/globalization/music can come together even though these people are on completely opposite sides of the world. And don’t lie and say it doesn’t make you smile.  -special thanks to anouk for this. … Continue reading

A Humanitarian Disaster

  Over 85,000 people have been displaced within the last 48 hours.

This is my new blog.

Hi everyone!  Welcome to my new blog. I’m just starting to figure out everything.. and hopefully I can make it look prettier with time. thanks for visiting 🙂 -m

lose for good

This is surprising, and.. it comes from weight watchers… If we are all connected, then we can all do something to help each other out. If I lose a little, they (and we as a whole) gain a little. It’s that simple… right?

The Invisible Man

How many people do we not see that are homeless?