Well Done approaches water problems

As I approach the sophomore end (.. still a long way to go).. I am starting to how I want to brand myself/my projects. Obviously I am extremely interested in using design to solve some world issues… but I wonder (maybe just for this quarter) how much I can do with such an:  a) limited knowledge of the third world… b) only one quarter to do a crap tone of work…. c) limited engineering knowledge…

If I still approach a design problem, will it come off bad to the places I want to go that are focused on humanitarian issues?

It’s not to say that I haven’t looked into it. I’ve looked into the disadvantaged: the blind (a cane), the poor (brick-making machine, coffee de-beaner, mass vaccination), elderly (walker, wheelchair), and the disabled

it’s hard to fit these technically into a “handpowered” tool…. so… I have decided to go the medical route and approach a very simple iconic design head on– the stethoscope.

I am still having issues whether I should still try and find a solution that is directed towards the disadvantaged… because that is my direct direct interest. I told Dale, that I am really interested in problem solving… and I still question myself whether this really needs to be redesigned… and whether if I spend more time on social issues, I can really come out with something that will be more me, and will help someone. Or should I just wait til senior year?



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